Queenstown, New Zealand Heli Skiing
Queenstown, New Zealand Heli Skiing
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Southern Lakes Heliski Terrain

If you want to Heli Ski or Heli-Snowboard in the Southern Lakes Region comprising of Queenstown and Wanaka, New Zealand then Southern Lakes Heliski is the obvious choice with over 29 years in the industry and quite simply by far the most terrain options of any other operator. Southern Lakes Heliski boasts 8500 sq/km+ of terrain access across 11 different mountain ranges and offering in excess of 600 potential runs, including Glacier Skiing options and the highest terrain available in the region.

Southern Lakes Heliski has access to the amazing Clarke Glacier located in the Forbes mountain range, which also includes heli ski access to the Highest elevation terrain available in Queenstown or Wanaka at 2585 meters.

The scenery is breath taking, viewed from B2, and B3 helicopters, skillfully piloted, it's an exhilarating way to view our amazing backcountry mountain environment.

Southern Lakes Terrain Map
Out here it's just you and the elements so you need to be in good hands….

A range of heli ski package options that will match your ability and goals with our guides and terrain. Choose the right option for you, or call us and we will advise you on a package to suit. From Glaciers to gentle or steep, intermediate or expert, it's up to you. Endless mountains with pristine, untouched terrain is all waiting for you